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Le Forfaitiste

  Le Forfaitiste

  4832 rue Adam
  Montréal, QC   H1V 1V9

  Tel: 514-644-0051
  Fax: 514-644-0050

  Membre de l'ARF Québec
  ARF Québec

Bed & Breakfast

«Bed and Breakfasts are defined as charming and beautiful private homes which offer warm hospitality to all their guests. A personalised breakfast is served in the comfort of a relaxed family atmosphere.»

Looking for a quaint place to stay?

Our Bed and Breakfast network is comprised of quaint and modest Inns. Our ever-growing network of B&Bs are situated in all the main city centres and tourism regions in the province of Quebec, New Brunswick and Ontario.

We offer a range of services: the creation of all-inclusive tours, à la carte reservations, and much more.

Call us for more information!